• With my heart and soul I guide you on your journey back to your heart and soul, to unfold that what was hidden for a long time

    Soul Reading

    A soul reading gives you a reflection of your soul and makes you aware of:  


     - any blockages and how to transform them 

    - what is needed in your life right now to experience more happiness, freedom and satisfaction.

    - insights on which direction to go for work, relationships, home or whatever topic you might have   


    * 60 min session online   

    Please put in your request some suitable dates & times for you.  


    Heart to Heart

    Do you need a breakthrough? Release old patterns to reconnect with yourself and feel peace and joy? Than this package is for you.


    In 4 sessions you will get a deeper understanding of your blockages, your potential and how you can grow on a mental, emotional and spiritual level. I will give you 2 personalized meditations and tools to remember and connect to your true self


    * 4 x 60 min session online   

    * 2 personalized meditations

    Please put in your request some suitable dates & times for your first session  



    ¨Vicky Soulreadings was very to the point.She helped me understand why and how to take the next step and helped me when i couldn´t at first. Her reading and healing brought me closer to who I really am and though I think it´s cheesy to say it changed my life, I guess it did¨.

    Ï have had during the last yearsseveral Soul Readings from Vicky. You are a very very competent and lovely lady¨!

    Ï recommend a aSoul Reading with Vicky to everyone! It gives you so much insights and clarity and lots of positive energy and trust to follow your path. Thank you so much Vicky¨.

    ¨I just finished a Heart to Heart coaching with Vicky and i would recommend this a 100%! Everything that bothers you or situations you need clearity about are addressed and healed on a spiritual and practical level. Vicky is such a fantastic, competent woman and a lovely personality. Dear Vicky, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I can go on with my life now:))!