• How to live a soulful life?


    Soul Readings are available for individuals, couples, children and also businesses describing the higher purpose of the entire enterprise.

    My passion is to help people connect with the wisdom of their soul. This is where we each have a wealth of information about who we are, where we have been before and what we are intending to contribute and to learn in this life.

    Soul Readings are done via Skype, phone or in private, in english, spanish or dutch.



    * Relational problems

    * Moment of change in your life

    * Feeling unhappy/ not satisfied

    * Work related problems

    * Energy cleansing of home/ work

    * Curiousity to what your Soul wants you to know

    * Chakra healing/ reading

    * Feeling of insecurity/ not being good enough




    Soul Readings can be helpful and eye-opening for almost anyone of any age from every walk of life who is curious to have a deeper awareness of themselves and their life's purpose. The information from the soul perspective sheds incredibly useful and practical light on everything from relationship issues, health challenges, unexplained fears and other emotional difficulties, to decide where to live, how to deal with difficult relationships and finding ideal work situations.



    A Soul Reading is done through Skype, Whatsapp call or on location.

    1/2 hour €40

    1 hour €80

  • Review

    ¨Vicky's Soul Reading was very on point. She helped me understand why and how to take the next step, and helped me when I couldn't at first. Her reading and healing brought me closer to who I realy am, and though I think it's cheesy to say it changed my life, I guess it did.¨​ ¨I have had during the last years several Soul Readings from Vicky. You are very very competent and a lovely lady!¨