• Follow your Soul it knows the way

    Connect to your true Self and live the life you want.. Why wait?

  • Transform Your Life


    All power comes from within, you just have to connect to it! Let me help you with that.


    In a world that seems to have an abundance of gadgets and technologies that are meant to make our lives easier and more enjoyable, people appear to be feeling more dissatisfied, disconnected, disillusioned and distracted.

    Vicky focuses on providing enriching and life-enhancing retreats, consultations and courses that will be a catalyst for personal growth, transformation and optimal wellbeing. This helps you to reconnect to your true nature, your full potential, inner wisdom and gives you inspiration for leading a more harmonious and fulfilling existence on fysical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Read more about it below!

  • Happy Soul

    For insights, direction and healing... a message from your Soul

    Happy Home

    Create a Soulful living space...

    Happy Body

    Whether you want to loose some weight, find food intolances or want to improve your overal health. In the personalized sessions we will work on improving your health through Kinesiology, Ayurvedic Lifestyle and Healing.


    Your Journey towards you... Every retreat is a personal adventure


    Awaken your inner guide..and use it to guide yourself and others!