• Your journey towards Soulful Living...



    A private retreat is the perfect opportunity to take some YOU-time and (re)connect to your Essence!

    Getting to feel and know that you can trust your Essence as your Guide! Learn to listen to the voice of your heart instead of your head and feel the freedom and strenght it gives you.




    Soul Readings can be helpful and eye-opening for almost anyone of any age from every walk of life who is curious to have a deeper awareness of themselves and their life's purpose. The information from the soul perspective sheds incredibly useful and practical light on everything from relationship issues, health challenges, unexplained fears and other emotional difficulties, to decide where to live, how to deal with difficult relationships and finding ideal work situations.




    At the age of 28 I felt this strong inner call that there should be much more in life than what I was living. My heart was empty and although I had a really nice job with a great income, living in a beautiful place surrounded by great friends and family I felt it was not satisfying. And their my inner journey began, looking for something more. Through a lot of different ways and studies I started to really connect with my body, learnt to listen to the deeper feelings within and connect with my Soul. My intuition always has been a strong quality in my life and now it started to become inevitable using it So I quite my job and moved to the South of Spain dedicating my life to inspire, heal and empower other women to create a life they are proud of using my qualities as a Soul Reader and transformational coach.


    ¨Whether it is a Soul reading, a course, a private consultation or a meditation; Vicky always inspires me with her wisdom, patience and love, helping me getting closer to my true self. A big Thank You! Marloes ¨I am Reizen¨

    ¨Many thanks for this fantastic and well organized retreat with your full attention for everyone. I will never forget this.

    I feel so much more calm, centered and less anxiety attacksMonique

    ¨I just and i would recommend this a 100%. Everything that bothers you, blocks you or situations you need clearity about are addressed and healed on spiritual and practical level. Vicky is such a fantastic, competent woman and a lovely personality. Dear Vicky, from the bottom of my heart a sincere Thfinished a private retreat with Vicky ank You! I can go on with my life now:)))¨ Astrid