• Follow your soul it knows the way


    Je Huis als Tempel - online feng shui cursus start op 19 februari! lees meer hierover bij Academy

  • Transform Your Life

    All power comes from within, you just have to connect to it!

    I believe that all answer to our questions can come from within when you allow yourself to connect and honestly listen to your wisdom within.


    It gives so much strenght and energy to feel what you really want and to experience that realizing it, isn´t that difficult at all.

    A Soul Reading can help you with this. It reconnects you to your true potential and inner wisdom so you feel strengthent and have a clear vision about what is your path. After 14 years of giving Soul Reading, clients say I am very accurate, to the point and intuitive.


    A Soul Reading can be done through skype whatasapp or on location (south of spain) and normally takes 1 hour. It is also possible to do 1/2 hour session for urgent /clear questions. (80€/ hour) Book yours here

  • Vicky's Soul Reading was very on point. She helped me understand why and how to take the next step, and helped me when I couldn't at first. Her reading and healing brought me closer to who I realy am!



  • Private Retreat

    Since some years I offer this form of Retreat in which all attention goes to you. This is for everyone who really needs a break and wants to get clarity. This is a Journey towards you... Every retreat is a personal adventure


    For insights, direction and healing... a message from your Soul


    Awaken your inner guide..and use it to guide yourself and others!