• Your Soul is made from the purest love in the Universe, you can´t get any closer to heaven than that!












    Retreats Glastonbury - Sahara - Andalucia

  • Welcome to my website!

    Are you ready to shine your Light?


    Here you will find several ways to start your inner journey towards awakening, selfrealization and Christconsiousness.

    I believe that all power comes from within and that you are a Divine being here on earth to incorporate your true Essence and qualities and to bring this back on earth. By creating more awareness and consciousness you allow yourself to integrate your true Essence into your daily live. This will encourage you to liberate from old limiting behaviour, duality, patterns and pains and helps you to truly rely on your inner wisdom.


    The inner journey is not always easy, it asks courage and trust to start with. You might feel stuck in your relationship or job or just notice that you have everything you ever dreamt of but still feel empty inside. Your Soul might have given you an inner call to change things and you don´t know yet where to start...


    Here you can read more about my retreats, coaching& healing, workshops and reviews. Always feel free to contact me I would love to see where I can help YOU to shine your Light!


    Love Vicky