Client Reviews

  • Here you can read some reviews of my guests and clients who have experienced a soulreading/ healing or joined on a retreat. Have you ever participated and would you like to leave a review too? Please write yours here.

    ¨I recommend a Soulreading with Vicky to everyone! It gives you soo much insights, clearity and lots of positive energy and trust to follow your path. Thank you soo much Vicky¨


    ¨I just finished a private retreat with Vicky and i would recommend this a 100%. Everything that bothers you, blocks you or situations you need clearity about are addressed and healed on spiritual and practical level. Vicky is such a fantastic, competent woman and a lovely personality. Dear Vicky, from the bottom of my heart a sincere Thank You!

    I can go on with my life now:)))¨


    ¨A retreat to the Sahara with Vicky means finding Yourself. Your entire system will experience a reset. On emotional level you will get to the core of your feelings. On spiritual level you will feel an intense connecting with your Soul.

    On physical level there is time to relax, eat delicious healthy food and there is also the possibility to exercise. Vicky quickly comes to the essence of what is needed for you, no hassling around. Experiencing all this together with a small group of like minded people is a great gift to yourself. Vicky also gave me practical tips to stay aligned in my energy so the process can go on, even now i am back home.


    ¨I had a Reading during a retreat in Spain. The Reading was very to the point. On all themes, Vicky was right. It is more than a year ago now, I felt so supported by the way she did the reading.¨


    ¨Whether it is a Soul reading, a course, a private consultation or a meditation; Vicky always inspires me with her wisdom, patience and love, helping me getting closer to my true self. A big Thank You!¨


    ¨The retreat exceeded my expectations! If you want a lifechanging experience, go! Before starting the retreat I was really excited and I knew it was going to be great but that it would turn out like this, I didn´t expect! The beauty and power the Sahara transmits were overwhelming. l got soo much closer to my true Essence and have been able to change quite some things in my daily life. Besides that we had great fun, have seen beautiful places and had wonderful meals.¨


    ¨This retreat has brought me a lot! The impressions we have gained there, the fine group, the accommodations and the tour guide, all carefully chosen. Everyone received beautiful readings & healings, we have all been able to grow on spiritual level. The magic of the desert in combination with Vicky´s gifts have brought me even closer to myself.¨


    ¨ Your Soulreadings are fantastic. It gave me so much clearity, guidance and above all so much positive energy to follow my lifepath fwith lots of trust. Thanks again Vicky!¨


    ¨Many thanks for this fantastic and well organized retreat with your full attention for everyone. I will never forget this.

    I feel so much more calm, centered and less anxiety attacks.¨


    ¨The retreat was Superb! I would do it again straightaway! Such a welcome reset and back to feeling JOY and lots of energy to go one now!¨


    ¨Vicky's Soul Reading was very on point. She helped me understand why and how to take the next step, and helped me when I couldn't at first. Her reading and healing brought me closer to who I realy am, and though I think it's cheesy to say it changed my life, I guess it did.¨


    ¨I have had during the last years several Soul Readings from Vicky. You are very very competent and a lovely lady!¨