• ¨Believe that your life will enrich and not empoverish when you do what you really want¨

    This phrase brought me to repentance...


    During my years in business life I felt that there had to be more, feeling more creative, feeling of freedom, to feel the connection with all there is, allowing things to flow and unfold in stead of planning everything ahead. Letting things flow instead of forcing them.

    Trust, listening to your heart instead of your head, that is the way. I always knew it, but couldnt feel and believe it. It took me something to have faith.

    Little by little i became more able to quiet my mind and listen to my inner voice. To let go of old pains, duality, patterns and fears.

    I felt lighter, stronger and more centered.

    Then all kind of possiblities unfolded into the right direction and i became more confident that there indeed was another way.

    My way....New studies, new surroundings, new job, new friends. Things started changing which gave a lot of satisfaction.


    Everything is already inside of you, all power comes from within! Your true Essence is that you are perfect. It just seems to be covered with layers of pain, fears, limiting ideas from the past. My mission is to help people to remember their Essence.

    Unfolding your true Self and bringing that energy to this planet!

    I am also a Resident Soul Coach and Nutri-coach at the beautiful health centre Shantisom



    Certified in:


    Teacher Soul Reading

    Soul Reading


    Reiki master



    Holistic Massage

    Holistic Kinesiology

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