• Private retreat

    For men and women

  • Your personalized retreat in Andalucia

    Do you need some time for yourself? Get some insights about where to go, what to do? You are ready for a deeper connection and go to the next level on your path of growth?

    A private retreat is the perfect opportunity to (re)connect to your Essence and feel and know that you can trust your Essence as your Guide! Learn to listen to the voice of your heart and feel the freedom and strenght is following it.

    A private retreat you can book as from 3 till 6 days, depending on your wishes and needs.

    My private retreats are described as intense and light at the same time, to the point and with great results.


    * We start with an online session to get to know eachother and get your needs and wishes clear during a short Reading.

    This helps us to create the programm. We do this together, including activities that you prefer like walking in nature, paddlesurf or something creative.


    * Every day will be a nice combination of intensity and relaxation to process everything.

    We do morning or afternoon sessions. From 10.00-14.00 or 15:00 till 19:00

    During our time together i use meditation, guided healing, nature, silence, creativity and action as ways to guide you to your Essence and let go of whatever holds you back!


    * You stay in a lovely appartment with beautiful seaview, 10 mins walk from the beach.


    Your retreat will be held in a beautiful serene fully equiped private appartement with perfect views, close to the sea in Riviera, 15 minutes from Marbella.


    Depending on the amount of days you stay and the activities you want to do, I make a quotation.


    Included: Logies, programmactivities, snacks and water during programm, transfer to and from airport

    Excluded: VAT, flight, travel insurance, food&beverages.